I want to sell my property on 1propetycentre.com.au — who do I talk to?

1propetycentre.com.au will talk to you about the best method to sell your property. As experienced real estate agents and auctioneers, we will provide you with a balanced opinion as to which method of sale would best suit your circumstances.

What does it cost to offer my property by auction on 1propetycentre.com.au?

There are no hidden fees. We charge $500- plus GST ($550.00) per submission for all aspects of the online upload and auction for 6 months on the site. Normal advertising costs and agents fees will also apply.

How do I register to bid?

Registering to bid is simple. By Clicking Bid Now on the property you can do it all online or alternatively the selling agent can step you through the process. All bidders must prove their identity and finalise their registration online. (your agent can help with this)

How do I obtain a contract for the sale of the property?

Contracts for residential and rural property will be available from the agents and the realtyauction.com.au website immediately after the property's details have been uploaded. Contracts for commercial property will be available as soon as possible after the listing has been received but well before the auction commences. You will need to provide your email and telephone details to download a contract from our site.


Can I retract a bid after I have made it?

No, you cannot retract after it has been logged. When you place a bid, you will have to confirm that bid and agree to our terms and conditions, one of which is that you cannot retract that bid.

Will I know when the reserve has been reached?

Yes. 1propetycentre.com.au system clearly indicates if the reserve has been reached or not. Not only will it be advertised on the site but registered bidders will receive email and SMS notifications.

Can I communicate with the agent during the auction?

Absolutely! We encourage the communication between buyers and agents.

Can the property owner place a bid?

Yes. Under the legislation and our terms and conditions, an owner can place one bid. It is called a vendor bid and if made, will be displayed and marked as a vendor bid. If a co-owner of a property wishes to purchase the property from the other partner/partners, their bids will be clearly displayed as co-owner bids.